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This short note is to be an introduction to what I hope to do here.

I write from a crazy world, where up is down and down is up, and no one can seem to get along.  Its crazy.  The only thing that matters is being right, and that’s wrong.  It is often said that truth is stranger than fiction, and that is what I see everywhere around me: the things that people do and say are things that lack basic logic.  Its crazy, and depressing.

There’s little surprise we see people giving up all around us.  The shootings, the drugs, and down the line.  People are not held accountable.  They are taught that the only absolute is what they, as individuals, want.  They cannot be wrong.,  They just can’t be.

What happens, then, is that anyone who thinks differently or does not accept them is demonized and ridiculed.  And the other side reacts in kind, and the circle of craziness grows.

I have a point of view that is different from others.  It is mostly conservative, but not what people think of conservatism today.  I seek to conserve a rationality, a mutual respect for others, and the idea that everyone can be happy and achieve.  Some of these thoughts will be random and humorous (to me, at least), and some will be quite ordered and serious.

We need to rethink how we think.  We are moving towards anarchy and war.  I am not overstating that.  Something will have to give if we continue down our current path.  We can’t all be right, so we all must cave to someone else or go in our separate directions.  Or, we can tone down the rhetoric and vitriol (hate?) and recognize what made us the advanced society that we have become: reason.



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Politics, Culture, Life, and Unusual Takes

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Politics, Culture, Life, and Unusual Takes

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Politics, Culture, Life, and Unusual Takes

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