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Yesterday, I spoke on what I would like to do with this, and in so doing I talked about how everyone must be right and how crazy this has gotten.  Really, its gotten to a point where I don’t trust much of what I hear.  People are so prone to exaggerate their point that it destroys trust.  There is truth out there, and most people just simple want the truth.

The average person is not inclined to want over the top stories and solutions to problems.  They want reasonable answers that make sense and, yes, feel good.  But this making sense and feeling good is not radically altering our bathroom uses: its letting the people who really think they are boys or girls when they are not use the bathroom of their choice.

Continuing with that example, trans people and bathroom use, most people don’t care!  They simply don’t.  If a dude who thinks he’s a girl uses the girls restroom and goes in does the business and comes out, who cares?  When it becomes a problem is when said dude makes a point about being allowed to use the ladies room and any objection is to that sentiment is met with accusations of bias.  It also becomes a problem when people on the other side make a mountain out of the issue by saying such people should not be allowed into the women’s room at all.

Of course, there are nuances on both sides, but by and large, most people just want to go pee or poo and move on.  Personally, I think it is a problem that the trans crowd is demanding such radical view point shifts that they do, and that such demands are just as selfish and close minded as they accuse others for.  After all, the other side is not demanding that >99+% of the population get in line with habits of the remaining sub 1%.

And that’s the point: most people just want to live and such a small minority can pee or poo where they want to pee or poo as long as they don’t make a stink about it.  (Pun intended?)  I know I have accidently used a woman’s restroom before, and I have even intentionally used one when needs were at their highest.  I have talked to several others who have done the same.  I suspect that is true everywhere.

Who really cares, ultimately?  Well people care when things are forced on others, like accepting that a guy can want to be a girl without consequence (Which, by the way, they can, as long as it is not forced.  Again, most people do not care.).  People have always wanted to bend genders.  Its not new.  It will always happen.  People recognize that truth, and are fine with it.

Now, I have been talking about transgender people, which is an issue those on the left push and those on the right are against.  However, the left is not immune from the same thing.  Religion and prayer are great as long as it is not forced or done at their dinner table.  That ‘church thing’ is fine as long as people don’t force them to hear about it.

We can find differences, I am sure, between the two topics, but by and large the point is this: forcing something on others that don’t want it will only raise tempers and resistance.

And that brings me back to my title for todays post: craziness.  All the craziness we see around us concerning this or that issue is a result of this truth.  You know what, people, most other people just want to live.  They want to get a paycheck.  They want to spend time with their family and friends, and don’t want to be bombarded with messages that the other side is nuts.  Maybe they are, maybe they are not, but yelling it all the time tunes most people out or it only pushes them to the other side of the debate.

We, as a society, need to learn the niceties of recognizing its possible to differ on opinion without the other side being considered the Devil incarnate.  Its not helpful to continue down that road.


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