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OK, what a few days here.  I have been sick, mostly just wore out, I think, from a very busy few days and weeks.  My body just went thud.  Oh well.  Back at ’em, I suppose.

Today, despite the Kanye and Chance talk, and the ousting of a nominee over vague accusations, etc. I think I am going to talk about other things, a digression, sort of.  To digress means to leave the main topic of conversation, to slip to another topic.  Here, today, I’d like to talk about humor.

Will this be funny?  I don’t know.  That’s not up to me, of course, because while I find Austin Power’s and Mel Brooks the height of humor, others find them utterly droll.  My wife and I do that.  She does not appreciate the nuance of silliness and body noises and fluids.  Alas…

But I wonder where have all the funny movies gone?  They don’t seem very popular.  Some of the movies that are called comedy today just are not funny.  Over the top for over the top sake, or just plain boring.  OK, I know Blazing Saddles was indeed over the top in its racial capacity, but just the same, it was restrained enough to be funny.  Steve Martin’s opening in The Jerk was another example.

And at the time, people could laugh at themselves and at the world around us.  Its hard to do that now.  Mel Brooks and Monty Python and comedians of old were certainly aware of the world around them and they were not afraid to talk about it.  Oh well.

But is that what makes good comedy?  Being able to push back?  Or is it simply a recognition that we need to laugh at ourselves and have fun doing it?  I prefer the latter, as we need more fun now, not less.


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