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Seems to me everyone is trying to up everyone else. What does that have to do with the truth? The truth can’t support both sides, as a general rule. Sure, you can say there is truth on both sides, but that requires acknowledging the other side has merit.

All too often, really almost always, that just ain’t gonna happen. And when that goes, we enter a dueling chorus where the singers just get louder. Kind of like the old cheers at swim meets we used do, you know: “We got spirit, yes we do. We got spirit, how ’bout you?” Only here, the sides often get really nasty and don’t worry about pesky things like fact and reason.

I’ll return to this topic often, as I think it is vital. But now, truth does not matter, even though both sides claim to be justified by it. Controlling the narrative matters, and that is dictated by kernels of truth, or lies, as it may be.

The truth is the truth and cannot be altered. Spun? Sure, but there should be limits to what reasonable people can spin. Unfortunately, that is no longer applicable. The ends justify the means and you have to justify the narrative. So, people say whatever they need to control the narrative.

Evidence is all around us. Its not hard to find, and I’d love to know what others see here. Feel free to share your observations of gross lies or spin that goes beyond reason.


2 thoughts on “Does Truth Even Matter?

  1. BrianR says:

    Easy-peazy. Anything from the left having to do with gun control. “We support the Second Amendment… No one’s trying to take your guns away… ‘weapons of war’…”, on and on and on.


    1. MJP7200 says:

      Gun control is a great example. Saw on Twitter the other day someone saying they don’t understand how anyone could need a gun…

      Thanks again for stopping by…


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