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News of the kerfuffle between Trump and the Eagles is a bit much, if you ask me.  I understand tradition and all, and it is certainly a nice gesture…

But here’s the thing: its not necessary and it has become far too political.  Football teams do not need to be so political.  They need to play football.  Their job is not to tell the world how to live, its really to play a game.  They get paid millions of dollars to play a sport.  I love sports, mind you, but I don’t like getting preached to when I watch sports.

There’s a reason why I don’t watch much TV anymore, besides news and some sports.  And I watch less and less of that, especially on certain channels.  I am even a huge soccer fan, and I am off put by the US National teams having a rainbow colored number scheme for the month of June.

I know everyone wants their day and to be considered normal.  I know that people tend to use platforms where people will see their message.  But sometimes, why must everything be a vehicle for political activism?  Its even infiltrating children’s TV shows!

And the thing is, this trend really ticks me off.  I watch not to be politically educated, but for entertainment.  I watch not to be bombarded with messages that suggest life is to be lived one or another, but to simply enjoy a good story.  And yes, folks, that is true even with conservative messages.

Its OK to have a story teach a lesson.  I am not saying that story should not be used a vehicle for education.  But when it is everywhere, all t he time, and the message is almost universally progressive, its simply gets tedious.

So, when a football team is involved in the dispute it is with the president of the United States, I find it all too much.  Frankly, I have long given up on the NFL, but this cements it.  And here’s why:

Sportsmen are sportsmen; they are entertainers.  This is not to say that they should have no political voice or that they are not educated in political happenings, but it is to say they should be grateful for what they have and be honored to visit the president, no matter who it is.

This bickering over whether to visit THIS president is indicative of the pollicization of our nation, and how people focus too much on this crap.  And, yes, far too much of it is crap.  Not everyone needs to have their voice heard, despite the notion that everyone should speak out.  Sometimes, the best thing we can do is put our heads down and work.  This is not a value statement, but simply a statement of priorities.

The NFL is going to destroy itself.  Roger Goodell has been horrible.  He has stoked this environment, and has not encouraged players to play, or at least he has not been able to handle them.  Its not all on Goodell, though, as people are all encouraged to speak out, and these players, many cocky and confident, feel they can add to the national discussion.  But in so doing, they lose the people they need: the fans.

Some will support them, but many will be turned off.  Right now, these players live in their riches not caring, only trying to make a point.  However, for future football players, they leave a dark legacy.

And, in the bigger scheme, so is Hollywood, the media, and pretty much everything else.  When everything is political, no one wins.  Everyone just argues, and people tune each other out.

This is what happens when we focus on politics too much.  I love politics, yes, but I hate that everything has become so political.  If you are like me, you are much happier when you have missed a few days of news updates, or not watched too many shows.

The world needs to get out, go for a walk, run, bike ride, play some football, or baseball, or soccer, or whatever.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Pick up a hobby.  Do something rather than stew in front of the TV or newspapers.

I tell you what, just make your own stories, and don’t tell anyone all of them.  We don’t all need to hear everything.  You’ll be happier, and so will we.  Why?  Not because we don’t care, but because we want you to have your own life!  Enjoy the adventures and the mystery!


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