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This week was hard to keep up with the news.  Several huge decisions from the Supreme Court, an even bigger Court retirement, and so far book ended by a shooting a paper in Maryland.

For a week that started with a crazy representative telling people to make conservatives uncomfortable and to pressure them, it is ending with even more craziness, and we still have a day to go.

We don’t know much about the shootings, but it is easy to let the mind race after events of the week.  After Maxine Waters tells followers to pressure conservatives, and after all of the contentious Supreme Court decisions, I am not surprised something crazy happened.  It is a bit bewildering this shooter went to a newspaper, and what his motives may have been.  It sounds like he just stopped after killing five and hurting several others.  Its bizarre.

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I am becoming a big believer that truth is stranger than fiction, and that the James Patterson’s of the world would have a hard time coming up with scripts as wild as events are unfolding in real life.  The Trump scandals are strange, from him bedding a porn star and paying her off, to him colluding with Russia while an internal and prominent FBI agent swears Trump would not get elected, with everything in between.

With the media bias as it is, and it is biased, it makes one wonder how much fault it has in seeing the confusion ever abound.  Why it chooses to focus on the crazy, wild events that happen, is beyond me.  I understand they are a business, and that viewers means money, and viewers love wild and crazy.

But at what cost, one might begin to ask.  In a sense, this story, of a media gone mad, is similar to the robber barons of old, who would cheat every corner to make an extra penny.  These barons would do what they could to make money.  They abused people, they abused the environment, they abused competitors, all as they strove for an advantage in the marketplace.

Eventually, people stepped up to fight them, establishing what were once useful ideas and policies to avoid further abuse.  The people that fought these people and their companies now look away as the media pushes people over the edge and divides our people further and further apart.

I hope at least two things happen: First, the media shows some maturity and backs off the heated rhetoric that calls opposition horrible things.  Second, I hope people being to recognize the problem the media is creating and works to find ways to stop it, just like they stopped the Standard Oil’s of years gone by.

The reality is that we all live in this world together now.  I do not mean to be soft, but to recognize a reality that just cannot be swept aside.  Either we must separate, or find real tolerance by showing restraint against our opposition.  Yet, people are more concerned with being right than with tolerating someone different, and too many just get angry about it.  Or at least that’s what the media shows…  I think most people aren’t that angry or crazy: they just want to live.

On a level this anger and division can start with the media, but in a deeper sense, it starts with all of us.  We decide what to watch or read and what to think.  The media cannot do that much.  All it can do is spread ideas, not force people to adopt them, no matter how apt the people are to adopt them.  This means that we all can decide on our own to push back, just like people pushed back against previous generations of powerful interests.  The non-angry majority can decide to tune out the media, or it can pressure it to change.

Until we do, the bizarre will only get worse.  Unfortunately, I am not confident that anything will change.  I hope I am wrong.



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