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Democrats have gone too far.  Of this, I am certain.  Democrats are no longer a party of rationality, driven now to destroy opposition and to pursue its radical ideology.


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Not too long ago, it was not as progressive or aggressive, but now, it is a group who simply will do what it takes to see its agenda through.  And they have overplayed their hand.

The United States, for all of its issues, is generally a place where politics has remained an honorable place and people have acted accordingly with honor.  This has not been universal, sure, as from the beginning we had a duel that killed one of our founding fathers.  By and large, though, people have been honorable.

Now, though, it seems that honor is being thrown out by the political left.  As Congresswomen call for pressure against opponents, the people are obliging.  Perhaps Ms. Waters is even catching up to the trend…

And as she does that, she demonstrates that the left is simply going too far, and I think most regular Americans see that.  I strongly believe that most people simply want to live, and I expect they will see such aggressive rhetoric as a turn off.

I hope that is the case, at least.  Socialism seems to be on the rise in terms of acceptance of the philosophy.  Unfortunately, most probably don’t know what it even means…  And they don’t know what it means because the left has made it a point to drop civics and emphasize liberal politics in our schools.

Nonetheless, I retain hope that people do begin to wake up to the craziness found on the left…

Or am I being naïve?


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