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Here is a list of short, random thoughts I have had these last couple weeks about current events:

  1. People spend too much time fretting about politics.  The message has been for a long time that people need to get out and get involved.  While that is not a false statement, it also needs to be said that people would be much happier if they paid less attention.  The reality is that most of what happens does not affect our daily lives.  And as people pay more and more attention, we only get divided more and more.  We are better served living our lives and working together on a daily basis.
  2. What is the difference between a baker refusing to bake a cake for someone involved in something he disagrees with and a restaurant owner kicking out someone she disagrees with?
  3. While I wrote on this before, I think the left has gone off the deep end, and now Schumer is actively encouraging revolution.  Nothing can go wrong with that, can it?
  4. I have an emphatic “That’s it?” reaction to the Kavanagh pick.  I’m very indifferent to him, but surely better than what Hillary might have picked.  However, the left’s reaction is quite telling.  As I said above, I think they are losing it and going over the edge.  No, the world is not going to end and we are not going back to 1850 in Montgomery, AL.  Minorities will not become slaves and women will retain their rights, even the right to abortion.
  5. Speaking of abortion, Roe may specifically be overturned, but that does not end the ability to get an abortion.  The scare tactics and overstatement of the left as it pertains to Roe do no one any good.  Its more division and hatred.  Not good.
  6. I firmly believe that most people just want to live.  They don’t want to be preached to or told what to do.  Left and right both want freedom, but through very different means.
  7. The left is about experimenting and changing human nature, while the right is more accepting of certain truths about mankind.  To change human nature, they must tell others that certain things just aren’t that way.  An example: a guy wanting to be a girl is perfectly normal and a part of every day life.  If you object, there is something wrong with you, not anyone else.  The right may agree that there will always be boys who may want be girls and accept this truth, even if they think it wrong.
  8. Dems just introduced a bill to cut ICE, the immigration law force, and replace it with something else.  While this is nothing but grandstanding, it is also simply asinine.
  9. I’ve seen some liberals harken back to the great days of yore, and how Trump has fundamentally changed the nation to something no good.  Isn’t this a conservative philosophy to preserve what was before?  I love irony.
  10. Croatia in the World Cup final…  Its a fun run, and I would like to see someone new win it.  Do they have enough in the tank, though?  Three straight extra time games and a France team relatively fresh and coming into its own…  And watching the World Cup fans reminds me that we will never get rid of our nationalism, nor should we…

There. Whew.  Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Short Digressions and Observations

  1. BrianR says:

    Here’s where you and I disagree:

    “Left and right both want freedom, but through very different means.”

    I couldn’t disagree more. The Left doesn’t want true freedom; they want what they CALL “freedom”, but what is in reality a state-controlled tyranny over thought and action. In other words, as is usual, they redefine the word to mean its polar opposite.

    Example: free speech is great… UNLESS it’s “hate speech”, in which case it should be totally banned from the public arena. And “hate speech” is, of course, anything that doesn’t fit the American socialist agenda.

    Free association is good and segregation is bad… UNLESS it’s a minority group that bars non-members from living in their college dorm.

    Examples abound. Their definition of “freedom” reminds me of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.


    1. MJP7200 says:

      Ah, but convince a liberal they don’t want freedom… Hence the statement I made. I do fully agree with you on the reality, but we use the same words to mean different things all too often.

      Animal Farm, yes, but also 1984. Newspeak is becoming a thing. And that is the thing with words in this age…


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