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Whew.  I am a write-in candidate for my County’s Treasurer’s spot.  I’ve learned a lot in the month that I found out I got the nod.  There is a lot that goes into preparing and leading a campaign, and I am doing it in the span of a few weeks.

The Treasurer’s spot is partisan, in that the candidates can get the support of the major parties.  I am running as a Republican against a Democrat opponent.  But the position is more about management than about policy.  Still, I believe that it is important to have good, solid conservatives in these positions.

The issue facing my county, Albany County, in Laramie, WY, are fairly innocuous compared to other places, but there are a few things to note.

First, Laramie, the County seat, is a college town of about 30,000 souls.  The college is fairly conservative as a whole when looked at against other universities, but there is a radical element here.  A few weeks ago, the Albany County Republican Party’s HQ, just finished the night before, was burned.  See this Newsweek article:  There are other articles covering this, too, with national scope.  The event made several national news coverages and radio shows.  This demonstrates the radical element here.

As a citizen and a candidate, I loathe that people do such stupid things, and made that comment in a letter to the editor of our local paper, the Boomerang, and at a League of Women Voter event last week.  People have to get their houses in order before really bad things happen.  (Yes, I am looking mostly at Democrats, who seem to support the Spartacus moments of today, though Republicans are not entirely immune, either.)

I hope to be a voice of reason, if nothing else.  This is why I think getting good people into these offices.  We need responsible people running and in office, because they stand in a position to be a voice of reason.

Second, the life of a candidate is hard.  This is a relatively easy race.  As mentioned, its about competencies and service more so than policies.  Yet, I am running around getting my name out there and publishing on Facebook and a website (  Its hard to tell the traction, but I feel I have been well received.  I have been told that its basically like running an 8th grade race to be class president, ie a mere popularity contest.  I take it more seriously than that, but it is an interesting way of viewing running this type of race.  And it is always on my mind and I feel I have to be careful about how I act and what I say.  My family is affected and it is difficult.

But I do think it is worthwhile, and I am enjoying it.  I am learning quite a bit about the back side of politics and feel about as energized as I have in a long time.  Its fun.  I do believe I can make a positive difference, and think I am doing so.  A woman who was at the LoWV event came up to me the other day and complimented me on my reasonableness and seemed impressed.  I was honored by that, and hope others see it, too.

For those that know me and have known me for a long time, know that civil service is where my heart is, politics, civics, running a fair and good government in the most efficient way possible.  And that is what I hope to bring to this process, even in my little isolated corner of the world.Messages(4)





  1. BrianR says:

    Good luck!


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