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I am tired of it all.  I just ran a campaign, but while I did not win, I am pleased with my results and effort given all of the circumstances behind my race.  But I am still tired of it all.

I would love to be able to sit back and recover, but watching TV I get bombarded with leftist messages everywhere because it is all a platform to spread the left’s propaganda.  The news cycle is a constant barrage of crap, and what is going on in FL is just disgusting.  All of this right after watching the left sabotage  Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings for political sport.

I am tired of it.  How people excuse this type of behavior is beyond me, but they do and they do it daily.  There’s little wonder why people shoot up bars and schools and churches and synagogues.  Hate is everywhere, but we are too busy demonizing the other side to recognize our own hate.

This is true on both sides.  I am a conservative, but I find those on the right can be just as hateful and spiteful as those on the left.  The left eggs the right on, and the right reacts in kind, proving, of course, what the left thought to begin with.  The right tires of this charade and lashes out, too.  The cycle never stops.

And part of the problem is that you can’t go anywhere to get a middle ground.  The news channels play to their bases, as do most newspapers and magazines.  You can’t get away from it!

And I am tired of it.  We will destroy ourselves before Russia, China, or North Korea does it for us.  We need to stop this mess, and we need to stop it now.  We need grown ups from both sides to step in and stop it.  This is not about Donald Trump, who is but a symptom rather than a cause.  This is about the very soul and future of our once free and positive society.  I am not sure it remains, or if it does remain, what future it has unless we stop the crap.

Spread the word if you agree, because we cannot continue like this.


3 thoughts on “OK, I’m Tired of It

  1. BrianR says:

    Well, I think you’re looking for unicorns if you’re hoping to find some “peaceful” middle ground. In fact, political rancor is actually the historical norm for this country. It’s one of the side effects of liberty.


    1. MJP7200 says:

      Its not just the political rancor, its the inability to get away from the propaganda. It’s everywhere. And, people are not encouraged to think independently. They are told to the k a certain way.

      You are in CA, an island of conservatism as you say, but I talked to a woman last night, from Oakland, who saod she was bullied and harassed whenever she would take put a Republican ballot, even by the election judges.

      Say what you will, but tgis is not acceptable. Has been a norm? I don’t know, but it should not be. And when this is spread throughout the nation, we are not in a free society.


      1. BrianR says:

        But my point is that, whether “acceptable” or not, it’s not new. Senators beating each other over the head with their canes on the Senate floor; Burr killing Hamilton in a duel; the Whisky Rebellion; the Civil War; the New York Draft Riots; Women’s Suffrage; Prohibition; the Watts Riots; the Equal Rights movement; the 1968 Democrat Convention; on and on and on.

        The history books have a tendency to sanitize such events, but they were ugly and divisive, and symptomatic of the rhetoric in play in their respective eras.

        This country has pretty much always had a very emotional political landscape, with only brief periods of respite.


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