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Its all over Bing, at least, that a college in New Jersey (Rider University) has decided to ax Chick-Fil-A from its dining options because of a value question.  The value question has to do with inclusiveness, and CFA is, of course, a Christian run company.

I get a kick out of this one, because the inclusive university is excluding a certain set of ideas that it does not agree with.  In other words, it is choosing which values to espouse, and it is not being inclusive at all.

I wonder how this is different from Christians choosing to celebrate certain things over others, like homosexuality.  In reality, it is not any different.  In both cases, it approaches discrimination.  Valuing one set of ideas or traits over another without any evidence of wrong doing on the part of the other side is precisely that: discrimination.

However, try as they might, the left attempts to differentiate the discrimination ends up no different.  Many Christians see homosexual activity as sinful, just as it does extramarital sex, etc.  And they have a right to say it is sinful.  However, the moment these Christians say so, they are accused of discriminating against homosexuals.  Just the same, leftists believe that a Christian run business must be a problem simply because it is Christian.  Christians react in kind calling the left discriminatory, too, and they are.

As a Christian myself, I want to say that I do think sin is sin is sin.  I do not view any sinner differently based on the sin alone.  This, I think, is what Christians are called to do, and those that go beyond that enter into the world of problem themselves.  However, this essay is not to discuss Christians: it is to discuss the left.

The next step in the procedure I outlined above is that after Christians have called the leftists discriminatory, the leftists start to get angrier about the Christians’ discrimination and the Christians acting in kind only proves to the leftist the Christians’ bigotry.  And so the circle goes.

This is where we find ourselves here, and the circle is spun by this idea of choosing values.  That’s all it really is: which set of values do yo subscribe to?  The Christian chooses one set and the leftist chooses another.  So be it, right?

Not so fast, because the left is becoming guilty of precisely what it accused Christians of doing: being exclusionary and small minded.  One thing to remember is that despite CFA’s professed Christian beliefs, it has no signs of discriminating against anyone.  It is purely the fact that it is Christian that it is being banned.  Never mind that it is a popular restaurant based on its food, not just its beliefs.  Students and the public will lose a valid choice because some people disagree with beliefs that have nothing to do with the product.

So, in my opinion, when people on the right, Christians included, discriminate solely based on something that has nothing to do with merit, they are discriminating.  Yet this is exactly what Rider University is doing.

The rationale given is that the university seeks an inclusive environment and thinks that CFA is contrary to the value system of inclusiveness without any evidence beyond allegations of discrimination years ago.  Yet this evidence is only self serving and ends up precisely the same as saying that homosexuality is sinful is bigoted.  Its a matter of choice and perspective.

And when Rider University says that it seeks inclusiveness but excludes an important segment of society, it is anything but truly inclusive.  It is only inclusive in a way that it wants to be inclusive, which is to say it is simply choosing the values it prefers.  Ironically, this is the same thing that the Christians do: choosing to uphold certain values that it prefers.  And this choice is exclusionary.

And we wonder why everyone is so angry all the time…



2 thoughts on “A Matter of Values

  1. BrianR says:

    No, no, no. You obviously don’t get it, you conservative lackey.

    Chic-fil-A is bad because they slaughter LGBTQ+ chickens and serve them up in tasty sandwich form. Clearly discrimination of Holocaust dimensions.


    1. MJP7200 says:

      But man, that chicken is good.


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