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I love other nations and learning about their cultures.  I do.  I speak French, have been to 9 different countries in my life.  I am learning Romanian on my own.  I am intrigued by how different cultures view life and how they have developed, and believe we can all learn much from different cultures.

However, I tire of people blatantly showing their appreciation of these different cultures, especially in the arts.  I have come to think of these expressions as akin to the rich Jews making loud noises when giving in the Temple, which Jesus criticized.  There’s just no need to truly appreciate African or German or Japanese culture without banging people over their heads with it.

What makes me think this is over used?  I feel like every time I go to a concert there is some homage to a different culture.  Seriously, it is great that the director wants to show an appreciation of African music, but sometimes, it just feels forced.  Not every Holiday show needs cultural embellishment.

But I wonder if it is more than that.  Cultural appropriation, maybe?  Halloween costumes can be considered cultural appropriation, so why not musical concerts?  I do not believe there is malice here, and I don’t think most others would, either, however I just wonder if it goes too far.  Its like we are the rich Jewish people gathering attention to how much they give, but instead of donating money to the Temple, we are saying how culturally open we are.

I wonder why we cannot just appreciate our own culture and our own cultural accomplishments.  This is not a slight against other cultures: it is merely a recognition that we have nice things, too.  And we can appreciate all of them, the other culture and ours, without having to prove it to others.

And that is the moral: why can’t we just move forward without having to prove anything except our own character?  On the other side of the coin, why do we expect others to prove anything but their own character?  And how do we judge character?  That answer is not how many multicultural references they have in their life.




4 thoughts on “Honoring Other Cultures?

  1. BrianR says:


    Yep, I think you’re describing virtue signaling.

    THREE new columns in just a few days. Hasn’t someone been a busy little beaver?


    1. MJP7200 says:

      Yup on the virtue signaling. I was watching a show the other night where it was dripping.

      And yup on the columns. Plan on writing more again… Suggested topics, lol?


  2. BrianR says:

    I wouldn’t dream of suggesting topics to a fellow writer.

    As I’m sure has happened to you, I’ve been on the receiving end of suggestions, and in all honesty can’t think of a single time one of those suggestions has ever interested me at all. I usually nod sagely, thank them for the idea, and tell them I’ll have to give it some serious thought. After which I promptly discard the idea in my mental garbage bin.


    1. MJP7200 says:

      LOL. About where I am, and I am appreciate the caution because I would have done the same.


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